Summer 2018 Hockey Training Smarter. Faster. Stronger.




Our 2018 Summer Hockey Off-Season Training Program is gearing up for another amazing summer! Our training will take place at Southdale Community Center.

Why this program?

Quality of training. Everything the athlete does should have a purpose. We constantly assess, communicate and take pride in the iterative process of coaching.

Community. Our primary goal is to produce better athletes, all while creating an infectious environment.

Education. We strive to educate our athletes on the importance of all things physical performance to ensure maximum success.

Intensity. Our training environment is fun & intense, led by educated & engaging coaches who make each and every training session of the utmost value to the athlete.

What does the program look like?

ASSESSMENT. We look at a multitude of tests in order to identify areas of strength & weakness to better guide our programming for each individual athlete. Our intake process includes a movement & mobility assessment, jump velocity profiling, strength velocity profiling, single leg broad jumps, 20m sprint times, upper body strength testing, modified wingate protocol, 300m shuttle repeats & a 10-minute assault bike test. Testing is completed during the first & last week of our summer training program.

BUILD THE BASE. The base of physical preparation consists of quality movement patterns, aerobic conditioning, and general athletic movement skills. This phase of training is 4-6 weeks in length depending on the age & training history of the athlete. This phase consists of dense workouts aimed at improving the overall fitness & preparedness of the athlete for the higher intensity phases later in the program.

GET STRONG. You must be strong to be powerful, and you must be powerful to be fast. The bottom of that pyramid is strength. Strength underlies power & speed, which are critical performance indicators for hockey players. Building a base of strength will increase all athletes power & speed. Here we focus on building strength in all fundamental movement patterns and start to increase the intensity of speed, change of direction and deceleration drills to prepare the athlete for the last phase of training. This phase is 6 weeks in length (broken into two 3 week blocks). We utilize tried & true strength training principles along with velocity-based training to focus in on the exact types of strength needed by hockey players to increase the transfer of training from the gym to ice.

GET POWERFUL. In the final phase of training we train the athlete to better “access” these new levels of strength on the ice. We program movements with a focus on increasing the athlete’s ability to exert their strength in a more rapid manner – something known as power. The intensity of speed, change of direction and deceleration drills will peak in this phase of training – this is just FUN training. Here you will see plenty of loaded jumps, Olympic lifting variants and sled sprints to name a few. This phase is 4 weeks in length (broken into two 2-week blocks); first we focus on increasing “top-end” power & speed, second we focus on increasing “repeatability” of power & speed – a key performance indicator for hockey players.

What does a typical training session look like?

GET WARM. Self-myofascial release (foam rolling, trigger point), static & dynamic stretching (static hold stretches & stretches with movement), corrective exercise (improve individual problem areas/movement patterns).

GET FIXED. Targeted muscle activation (activate “inhibited” muscles/movement patterns), foundational movement pattern development (fundamental athletic skills), central nervous system activation (jumps, sprints, skips, bounds).

GET FAST. Fundamental athletic movement skills focusing on technique, posture & efficiency – includes sprints, jumps, change of direction skills & deceleration skills.

GET STRONG. Weight training utilizing the safest, most efficient and proven methods of strength training; squats, hip hinge patterns, single-leg work, upper body pushes & pulls, loaded carries.

GET FIT. Conditioning work; aerobic/low intensity conditioning earlier in the summer, anaerobic/high intensity conditioning later in the summer.

When does this program take place?

SPRING program details:

Length: 5-weeks

Dates: May 14-June 18

Schedule: 3  days per week 

Training times: 8:30am, 1:00pm, 3:30pm

Cost @ 3 days/week: 14-15 years = $440.00, 16-17 years = $530.00, 18+ years = $620.00 (all prices + GST 5%)

SUMMER program details:

Length: 11-weeks

Dates: June 18-Aug 31

Schedule: 3 days per week (MWF) or 5 days per week

Training times: 8:30am, 1:00pm, 3:30pm, 6:00pm

Cost @ 3 days/week: 14-15 years = $800.00, 16-17 years = $950.00, 18+ years = $1100.00 (all prices + GST 5%)

Cost @ 5 days/week: 14-15 years = $1300.00, 16-17 years = $1650.00, 18+ years = $1800.00 (all prices + GST 5%)

How do I sign up?

Email or click on the “contact” tab & send a message with your (or your child’s): age, schedule (3 or 5 days per week), training time

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