Training the RBF Way

Training programs are created around the four pillars of mindset, nutrition, movement and recovery. Proper mindset is needed before beginning any program in order to become focused and dedicated to reaching the desired goal, while nutrition provides the foundational support to maximize the benefits of training. Training movement patterns ensures that all exercises support the specific physical needs of athletes and clients, while recovery provides essential regeneration of muscles, allowing the body to re-energize and prepare for the next day’s activity.

Individualized Training

In order to achieve maximum results, RBF builds training programs so that each athlete or client has a program tailored specifically to their individual goals. Before starting any program, a series of assessments—the Functional Movement Screen™, sub-max VO2 cardiovascular test, and power testing—are performed to measure an individual’s physical state. Nutrition consultations support training with pre- and post-training supplementation and meal strategies designed to maximize gains and help clients reach their body composition goals. These tests allow our specialists to create a customized and integrated training program designed to better support the needs and goals of each individual.

Education for Success

A major component of every training program is education. By providing education on proper movement, nutrition choices, and recovery techniques, athletes and clients are better prepared to improve their physical performance. At the same time, they’re decreasing their potential for injury and creating sustainable performance during their athletic career and life, allowing them to continue their RBF training outside of the facility.

Cutting Edge Equipment

In order to reach peak performance, it’s essential to train using cutting edge equipment and technology. Utilizing equipment from industry leaders such as KEISER, MYTSTRAP, LEGEND, WOODWAY, JACOBS LADDER, ROGUE, allows for more advanced training and recovery for maximum results.